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This database contains the documentation for Exigo's OData API's, as well as C# sample code and fully-realized demo applications ready to be customized for your needs. Start building downline viewers, reporting tools and shopping carts on the Exigo platform today!

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Commission Check Preview


A CSS-styled commission check that presents a customer's current commission amount and details on top of an image of a check.


This sample requires the following namespaces:

using ExigoWebService;

Exigo API Authentication

This sample accesses the web service using the ExigoApi object:

    public ExigoApi Exigo
            return new ExigoApi
                ApiAuthenticationValue = new ApiAuthentication
                    LoginName = exigoAPILoginName,
                    Password = exigoAPIPassword,
                    Company = exigoAPICompany

Fetching Real-Time Commissions

To fetch the customer's real-time commissions, we use the web service's GetRealTimeCommissions method.

            return Exigo.GetRealTimeCommissions(new GetRealTimeCommissionsRequest
                CustomerID = customerID