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This database contains the documentation for Exigo's OData API's, as well as C# sample code and fully-realized demo applications ready to be customized for your needs. Start building downline viewers, reporting tools and shopping carts on the Exigo platform today!

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Company News


A news feed managed by Exigo Admin for the backoffice. Displays a list of most recent news items, and allows detailed viewing via a press-release-styled article page.


The following sample requires these namespaces:

using ExigoWebService;

Exigo API Authentication

The following sample accesses the web service using the ExigoApi object:

    public ExigoApi Exigo
            return new ExigoApi
                ApiAuthenticationValue = new ApiAuthentication
                    LoginName = exigoAPILoginName,
                    Password = exigoAPIPassword,
                    Company = exigoAPICompany

Fetching Company News List

The web service's CompanyNews method is called to fetch all of the company news items. Here, we are also using LINQ to filter our results.

        return Exigo.GetCompanyNews(new GetCompanyNewsRequest
            DepartmentType = newsDepartmentID
            .Where(n => n.WebSettings == NewsWebSettings.AccessAvailable)
            .OrderByDescending(n => n.CreatedDate)

Fetching Company News Items

The web service's GetCompanyNewsItem method is used to fetch the details of the selected news item.

        return Exigo.GetCompanyNewsItem(new GetCompanyNewsItemRequest
            NewsID = NewsID